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360° Swivel Stainless Steel Grass Shears (3118S-1)
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Brand: winland
Model: 3118S-1
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Update date 2024-06-07 10:00
360 swivel blades and 12 cutting positions,the head is attached with security rotation head.
The blades are made of the stainless steel
The handle are made of high quality ABS plastic material
The upper handle is attached with air cushion grip
The upper handle is equipped with the automatic speedy switch lock for operating with the single hand.
The lower hande is the protection arch type protecting the fingers from the meadow when shearing.
Used in difficult places wher mowers cannot reach, like around shrubs, borders, trees and walkways.

SIZE: 340mm ( 13 1/2")
Blade: Stainless steel blades, Straight Blades
Handle: ABS plastic handles, air cushion grip
Packing : Blister 6/36, 2', 14.5/15.5kgs